Founding Event International Society

Dear International Students,

we are about to start a new group for International students to connect and support each other! For that, we are looking for students that would like to join us!
Via Zoom we have a meeting on Monday October 26 at 6 pm (zoom information below). You are interested in joining? Just show up, we are excited to see you!

But what exactly is our idea?
The group is there…
… to provide a place for internationals (regular and exchange alike) to connect, support each other. Reach out to people who do not have connections and involve them in the community.
… to provide intercultural exchange between internationals and German students in informal events, discussions, workshops, fairs, picnics (when covid is over). Provide mutual understanding and learning.
… to offer a free, informal, and independent platform to give feedback on the university and its services, collect suggestions to be presented by the representatives of the society (to be elected probably). We are not the international office or Studentenwerk, we focus more on emotional support, education, and discussions no matter how critical they might be, not on formalities and bureaucratic procedures that are supposed to be resolved by institution.

And the society is run by volunteers, who will together with their community not only represent internationals, but also create the structure and the agenda of the society together, so we can make it whatever we want as long as we have resources for that.

You are intrestet to join or just to check, if that could be something you would like? Awesome! We are excited to meet you on Monday at 6 pm!

Best regards
some very cool international students and the AStA, your studentunion

ZOOM Link:

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Meeting-ID: 969 7385 9934
Kenncode: 884643

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If you have any question write us: