What is KonRad?

KonRad offers an opportunity for students to fix their bikes in a well-equipped shop, either by your own or with some help. Furthermore, you can buy spare parts or rent bikes as well as trailers.

Bike sale

We do our best to always have some ready-to-use bikes for sale. Also, you always have the option to put together you own bike. Just come around if you are interested!

Your KonRad Crew


Yeah, we are back! We can finally reopen the shop. However we have to mind the following conditions:

  • Inside the shop everyone needs to us a mask!
  • You receive single-use-gloves for working with our tools.
  • There are only three customers allowed inside the shop at once. The Konradis will be there with two employees to support you.
  • In case there is no workstation free to work, please wait outside the shop in line! We will let you in as soon as we have space for you.
  • There is no need of appointments. Just come by and check if there is space left!
  • Every customer is allowed to use the shop for one hour. We have to give everyone a chance to fix their bikes.
  • Please dont bring bigger projects! We dont have the necessary capacity right now. The focus is on the important issues like flat tires. Mobility for everyone is our current goal!
  • 1,5 meters/5-6 feet are the distance you need to keep to others in- and outside the shop!
  • If you notice any symptoms of sickness, please dont visit the shop at the moment – for yours and our safety.
  • Mind the opening times on the right!

We are happy to be back and hope to see you soon in the shop!

Your Konrad-Crew