Your SemesterTicket is also a “SemesterTicket Kultur”. This means that you, as a student in Lüneburg, can come to any of our partner event locations 30 minutes prior to showtime and get a spare ticket for free, as well as free access to several museums in Lüneburg.

The current programme offers you free access to more than 1000 events in Lüneburg per semester. All of this is possible with just 2,30€ that are part of your student fees.

Our current partners are:

  • Theater Lüneburg GmbH
  • theater im e.novum
  • Thomas Ney.Theater
  • Museum Lüneburg
  • Deutsches Salzmuseum/Museumsstiftung Lüneburg
  • Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum
  • St. Johannis-Kirchengemeinde Lüneburg
  • St. Michealis-Kirchengemeinde Lüneburg
  • St. Nicolai-Kirchengemeinde Lüneburg
  • Halle für Kunst e.V.
  • Literaturbüro Lüneburg e.V. / Literarische Gesellschaft Lüneburg e.V.
  • BachChor Lüneburg e.V.

You can find more information on Facebook.

The SemesterTicket Kultur is only valid in combination with an ID/driver license/passport and cannot be used by another person.

You are interested in helping with the programme or you want more information? Contact us at .