Information about Assessments


There will be set deadlines for each assessment of every class. Assignments are often essays or longer papers, exams or sometimes a practical piece of work. Please check myStudy and QIS for the exact dates and times of the deadlines to make sure that you hand everything in on time.

If you find that you struggle to finish an assignment in time, you can check myStudy if there is a second deadline. If there is one, here is what you can do to take advantage of this, depending on the different assessment forms:

1. Exams:

If you registered for the first assessment date for an exam, but then realise that you cannot make it, you can de-register up until 5 working days before the exam date via QIS.

Just to be safe, it is best to save the deregistration document from QIS as a PDF file on your computer or print it out.

Once you have deregistered from the first assessment deadline you will automatically be registered for the second. You will receive an email when this happens, but it is still important to double check your registration status on QIS.

If you do not deregister, but you are ill on the day of the exam and therefore cannot make it, you need go to the doctor. The doctor will have to fill out this document:

Afterwards you have to hand this document in to the office of student services, which is located in building eight on main campus.

If you don’t deregister, you aren’t ill and you still don’t show up to the exam, you will fail (5,0) that exam.

2. Papers (Hausarbeiten):

Before you start your paper you need to check on myStudy if there is a second assessment deadline. If not, you will need to finish your assignment in the given time or have to re-take the entire module.

If there is a second deadline and you realise that you cannot make the first one, you have to de-register from the first deadline on QIS within 5 working days before the deadline. This is to prevent that you fail the assessment for simply not handing anything in.

When you have de-registered from the first deadline, you have to register for the second deadline yourself. The second deadline for papers will most likely be in the following semester. As a reminder: The registration phase starts in the beginning of the semester and ends on 15th November in the winter semester and on 15th May in the summer semester.

(In case you did not de-register in time, you can try writing an email to the administrative person who is in charge of your studies.)

3. Combined Scientific Work (Kombinierte wissenschaftliche Arbeit) or Practical Project:

For this form of assessment, there might not always be a second assessment deadline. If there is no second deadline then there is no way to de-register from it. If there is, you need to de-register from the first assessment deadline on QIS within 5 working days before it.
Once you have de-registered, you need to re-register for the second deadline by yourself, which will be in the following semester. See „Papers (Hausarbeiten)“.

In total, you will have three attempts for every type of assessment. If you fail the third attempt you will fail your entire degree and will not be allowed to continue your studies. Therefore, it is recommended to pay very close attention to the assessment schedule and your registrations. Unlike some other Universities, marks cannot be improved at Leuphana by retaking a module. Once you have passed a module and received a mark for it, you will not be able to register for another assessment in this module. The first mark you have received is final.